How to Lose 10 Pounds in a 7 Days With This Apple Diet Plan

Is it possible to be on an apple diet and lose weight? Yes, with the right diet plan you can lose 10 pounds in a week and without any problems. The most important thing here is to try and adapt your diet as you try to make it better and healthier. Doing that is not going to be easy, but with the right approach and your fair share of ideas it will totally be worth it.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a 7 Days With This Apple Diet Plan

The first day of this apple diet plan

Simply put, you want to eat 2 apples in the morning, 1 apple at lunch and 3 apples for dinner. That might seem challenging, which is why you need to prepare yourself the week before. Such a transition towards the apple diet plan is not easy, it can be very tricky and also quite dangerous at times. But if you do it properly it has the true potential to really help you stay healthy in the long run. So while there are tricky things, there are also rewards to be had too.

Day 2

The next day you can go with an apple and a glass of skimmed mil in the morning. At lunch you can have an apple with avocado green salad and some nuts or seeds. And yes, apples at dinner. That’s all there is to it.

Day 3

This day will require you to eat an apple in the morning as well as a slide of low fat turkey bacon and whole grain bread, a single slice will do just fine and you do want to test that out and give it a try. Then at lunch you can go with 1 apple and carrot clear soup as well as chicken breast. Of course, apples for dinner without anything else.

Day 4

For this day you can vary things up a bit. You can eat an apple, a slice of whole grain bread and a boiled egg in the morning. The lunch can have raw veggies, as well as around 3-4 oz of skinless chicken. Dinner would have apples, as always.

Last Day of this apple diet plan

Since this is the final day, in the morning you can have a bowl of nut milk with whole grain cereals and an apple. At lunch you can have green salad with apple vinegar and lemon dressing as well as baked salmon and an apple. Lastly, apples for dinner.

Is it going to work?

That all depends on how true you stay to these requirements. While this is not the simplest diet plan out there, the fact that you can eat apples every day does help you a lot. It allows you to stay in shape and also lose some weight too. While it might end up bringing in a few challenges here and there in the beginning, this is a very good diet with amazing results and you should totally check it out if you can. You will surely be impressed with its value and performance.

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