7 Possible Reasons Why You Suffer from Heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn, the reason for this could be down to any number of things. In some cases, the heartburn can be so severe that it gets mistaken for a heart attack. Of course, this leads to concern not only for those involved but for their families and friends present too.

7 Possible Reasons Why You Suffer from Heartburn

Fortunately, heartburn doesn’t have quite so many dangers as a heart attack and most people experience heartburn at some point over the course of a year. When it’s a common occurrence, this is when it can cause discomfort and even pain. In this event, we recommend contacting a medical professional for advice.

Otherwise, here are seven reasons why general heartburn may occur they can also be used as natural methods of preventing it!

1. Weight and Heartburn

Firstly, those with a body mass index (BMI) above the normal level will experience heartburn more than most. Why? Because the digestive system cannot function correctly. Especially after eating foods rich in fat, digestive acids are produced, and stomach irritation can occur.

2. Specific Food Consumption

Sticking with the digestive system and foods, heartburn can sometimes be caused by junk food and even citrus foods (known to be acidic). In truth, this one can differ from one person to the next, so we advise playing with your diet and seeing if specific foods are causing your discomfort. By isolating foods, you might just find the culprit.

3. Eating Close to Sleep

While eating too close to bed won’t cause you to put on any more weight than normal, it can cause problems with digestion. As you lie in bed, food hasn’t yet been digested and stomach acids can travel up to the esophagus; this can cause heartburn and indigestion.

4. Diet Irregularities and Heartburn

In some cases, work or busy lives can cause us to eat large, frequent meals. Unfortunately, this can cause heartburn because the body simply can’t keep up with the food you’re consuming. Even if your last meal comes hours before you go to bed, you could still struggle with heartburn.

5. Smoking and Heartburn

Ultimately, we could write a full guide on the problems with smoking and you would be reading for hours; now, you can add heartburn to the list. As nicotine relaxes the lower esophagus muscles, stomach acid can and will travel upwards towards the heart.

6. Medications

Medications obviously do a great job at keeping us healthy and managing health conditions, but we also have to remember that they sometimes have side effects. If we take the common ibuprofen, or even aspirin, as an example, these relax the muscles and have a side effect of heartburn.

Some blood pressure regulation medications can also cause heartburn, so we recommend reading the packaging and talking to your doctor if heartburn is starting to affect your day-to-day life (or sleep!).

7. Too Much Alcohol

Finally, as well as making us dance in a funny way, alcohol can cause heartburn. How? Well, it starts with the digestive system. When alcohol is consumed, digestive acids are produced at a quicker rate than normal. In turn, this causes this problem and an evening of discomfort.

With this short list, you can run some tests, adjust your lifestyle, and see if you can isolate the problem. If not, speak with a medical professional because excessive heartburn may be symptomatic of a deeper problem!

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