7 Topics All Women Should Avoid For Relationships Healthy

Let’s keep our relationships healthy. Where men are more reserved about making small talk with others, most women find conversation easy. For us girls, it’s just the way we are, and we like to spend half an hour talking to our closest friends about life; it’s a sense of relief and it provides a simple opportunity to relieve ourselves of some of life’s pressure.

7 Topics All Women Should Avoid For Relationships Healthy

However, even we think there are seven topics that should be avoided. Even when talking to a partner or best friend, avoiding these topics will prevent awkward moments in your relationships. Keep your relationships healthy with these tips!

Social Media Stalking

You can stalk people on Facebook (we all do it!), but this doesn’t mean you should publicize your stalking activities. There’s nothing wrong with checking your boyfriend’s Facebook page every so often, but you can keep this to yourself. Especially for those with fake accounts and a notebook full of our internet activity, this conversation just isn’t going to end well.

Personal Crushes

Although the odd celebrity crush can be worth a mention (the likelihood of you bumping into Brad Pitt in Walmart is small, after all), never mention a crush on somebody known to somebody else in the conversation. For example, a best friend’s brother or a boyfriend’s friend. They won’t be able to get it out of their minds and it’s never fun to make somebody feel insecure.

No Plans for Kids

If you aren’t interested in having children, you shouldn’t be ashamed of this; there are plenty of others who feel the same way. However, some people will feel so mortally offended that they’ll ask you questions for the rest of the family meal. Considering we’ve heard stories of relatives bringing it up in a social media conversation for all to see, it’s probably best to just avoid the judgement altogether.

Checking on Your Ex

Stalking strangers or your partner; normal. Stalking your ex, again, normal, but likely to cause problems in your current relationship. Even if you’re looking out of pure curiosity, you can imagine how your new partner will see it (try to picture yourself in his shoes!).

Feelings of Insecurity

These days, we’re learning that even the most successful business people and sports stars can struggle with acceptance and insecurity. No matter how successful you are in life, insecurities can still arise. Rather than telling the world, try focus on yourself, build your happiness, and work on your self-esteem.

Skipping the Shower

If you wake up on a Sunday morning, stay in sweatpants all day, and feel better than you have in a long time, this is great…but it doesn’t need to be shared. We think hygiene is a personal matter; if you’re someone who likes to stew for two or even three days, there’s even more reason to keep it to yourself.

Mean Tendencies

If you have a tendency to be mean when the red mist descends, this is something you can deal with yourself. Even if you were provoked in some way, just continue working on this yourself; you don’t want loved ones and colleagues to just expect a mean streak.

For those with a mean sense of humor, you’ll get away with it as long as everybody knows you’re joking. If you brag about how mean you are, it ruins the fun and what you’re actually doing is knowingly putting people down, so avoid this too.

With these seven tips, you’ll know what you should avoid when talking to friends, family, and your boyfriend. Let’s keep our relationships healthy this year!

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7 Topics All Women Should Avoid For Relationships Healthy

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