Grandfather’s Story With Vitiligo Knits Dolls

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects many people around the world. It can appear at any age, but it usually appears between the ages of 20 and 30. Nowadays, there are many ways to treat it although it can not be cured completely. However, people who have vitiligo usually say that the most difficult part is to deal with the prejudice that other people have toward them.

It can be especially difficult for children, whose friends don’t understand what is vitiligo and sometimes make fun of them. That is why Mr. Joao from Brazil decided to do something to help them deal with this condition and improve their self-esteem.

How was his start with Vitiligo?

Mr. Joao started showing first signs of vitiligo at 38. At the time, he was working in gastronomy industry and he already had a family. He is now 64 and he had to stop working due to health issues and problem with heart. He decided to use his free time to do something creative and productive. With the help of his wife, he started to learn to crochet. What he didn’t know is that his new hobby will change his life, as well as lives of many children around the world.

Insist on the idea :

At the beginning, it wasn’t easy and he wanted to quit. But he didn’t give up and after a while he mastered crochet skill. He realized that he actually really liked and enjoyed this new activity. His idea was to make a doll for his granddaughter, as a unique gift. His granddaughter liked the doll so much, which encouraged him to make even more dolls. One day he decided that he will knit a doll that has vitiligo, just like him. He made a beautiful doll and named her Vitilinda.

His dolls soon became very popular, because everyone wanted tor order them for their kids. Mr. Joao states that his mission is to show to kids that skin with vitiligo can be beautiful and that it shouldn’t affect the quality of their life. He managed to do that as he now every day receives many letters of kids and their parents, who just want to thank him for his support and love. He became a hero to many kids who live with vitiligo, because he is a great example that you can have have a beautiful and fulfilled life, no matter what.

This inspired him to improve his crochet skills even more. He is working hard every day in order to make dolls for all kids who want to have them. He has now created a beautiful doll in a wheelchair, because his goal is to cheer up all kids.

It all started as a hobby, but it soon became his life mission. Mr. Joao says that his hobby is very creative and rewarding. It never gets boring because he is motivated by the messages that he receives every day. His goal is to put a smile on children’s faces and we think that he is doing a great job!

Preview photo credit joaostanganelli/ Instagram

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