Three Easy Steps to Lose Weight Quickly In 7 days

Obesity is a prevalent issue. If someone suffering from this issue, then he should do something about it. Medical science has proved the deadly outcomes of overweight. If you want to live a healthy life, then it is never late to start losing extra pounds.

Three Easy Steps to Lose Weight Quickly In 7 days

You might be looking to find some quick ways which can help you shed those extra pounds that are making your life difficult. This article is a helping guide or everyone who wants to lose weight.

Follow the three easy steps explained in this article to lose your weight quickly in a week.

1. Don’t Make Your Breakfast—Start Your Day With Fasting

The first thing you should add to your not-to-do list is breakfast. Science says skipping your breakfast is just the right kind of step to losing your weight in a week. Start your day with fasting and eat your first meal of the day at lunch.

Some people say skipping breakfast means reduce in mental focus and low on energy the whole day. New researches show there is no linking whatsoever between breakfast and mental focus or learning behaviour.

Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast consume 250 calories less than others which eventually helps to shred two pounds in a week.

Skipping your breakfast puts you on a kind of intermittent fasting—because your last meal is the previous night’s dinner, and next will be lunch. When you do a short term fast, your body uses the fats as fuel in the result of the fat burning. This process helps to lose weight quickly.

If you keep eating, your body fat will keep building while no fat burning is happening. When you fast, your body will fulfil its needs from fats, and this involves the transporting of fat from its storing point to the place where it burns.

With regards to losing fat, the amount of calories you’re consuming and burning is important.
When you skip breakfast, it means you’re cutting down a major intake of calories. On average, you’ll consume 300-350 fewer calories throughout the day. Now, if you ask “would you lose weight by consuming 300-350 fewer calories every day?”—The logical and scientific answer is absolutely yes!

2. Start Your Day With Morning Exercise

If you’re trying to lose weight but still haven’t got any success, then you need to start doing morning exercise. Well, you can do exercise in any part of the time, but to achieve optimal results—the morning is the best time.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing is to do exercise or workout. For optimal results and to lose weight quickly, exercise with an empty stomach. Workout with an empty stomach helps to burn the stored fat.

Our hormonal profile in our body is more inclined to the better digestion of fats early in the morning. So, early morning exercise helps greatly in that objective. More burning of fat also ensures that any excess and stored fat is also transporting and taking part in the cellular engine where fat is burned.

Our bodies normally have raised degrees of cortisol and development hormone early in the morning. These two hormones are responsible for digestion. When you exercise in the morning, the more fat will be burned because of the higher engagement of cortisol and development hormones.

This helps to lose weight quickly, and you can shred extra kilos quickly in a week. Researches on the benefits of exercising early in the morning also show that you’ll have fewer cravings or the rest of the day. This means you’ll eat less and consume fewer calories, which eventually helps to lose weight quickly.

Workout, in the other part of the day, also provide weight loss benefits. But the results are not that great as in the morning. The reason is that when you work out in the latter part of the day, you’ll burn those calories, consumed throughout the day. The excess fat remains stored in the body. When you work out early in the morning with an empty stomach, your body will burn the stored fat as well.

3. Drink A Glass Of Water Half An Hour Before Each Meal

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal is considered a healthy habit. Among many other benefits, one considerable benefit for you is that it helps to lose weight quickly.
When you drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps to digest the food properly, don’t drink too early before and after a meal because it can dilute the digestive juices, which are essential in the digestion of food. Drinking the water after the meal should have at least 30 minutes of delay. It enables the body to assimilate the supplements.

Water is an appetite resistant. If you drink a glass of water before every meal, you’ll feel fuller, and the urge to eat will be less. If you want to boost your metabolism, then drink a little amount of ice water before a meal. Boosting your metabolism will help to digest the food quickly, and you can lose weight quickly.

A study performed on adults have shown significant results in weight reduction. The participants in the study drank a glass of water before each meal for 3 months, and they lost 2 Kg of weight.
Another comparison study was performed in two groups. One group drank water before every meal, and the other group didn’t. The results showed that those who drank water before every meal reduced weight 44% more than the other group.

Another research study depicted that if you drink a glass of water before a meal, you’ll consume 13% fewer calories.
Drinking more water is directly linked to less consumption of calories. From the studies, it is very clear that drinking a glass of water before every meal has weight loss benefits.

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